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17 October 2017
by Mark

Website refresh

I thought it was about time I updated the website. I’ve moved it to a new, more reliable server (hopefully, no more of it regularly disappearing off the Internet every week!), put it behind CloudFlare to improve performance, and, finally, … Continue reading

16 October 2014
by Mark

Right! now
Oh oh oh oh oh oh…

I am an alarmist
I am a pessimist
Don’t ’bout a lot
But I know what I’m scared of
I wanna destroy confidence

‘Cause I think we’ll be all diseased
In the city

Ebola in the UK
It’s coming sometime, maybe
Into Heathrow on a dodgy airline
Your future dream is a manic scream

‘Cause I think we’ll be all diseased
You’re gonna have to flee

How many ways
To infect you and spread?
Some of the best, some of the rest
Outsiders are the enemy, outsiders are anarchy

‘Cause I think we’ll be all diseased
So run away from me

Is this the IFPI?
Or is this the BPI?
Or is this the NHS?
It’s epidemic in the US
And very soon in our country
Another council committee

I think we’ll be all diseased
And I think we’ll be all diseased
And I think we’ll be all deceased
No rest in peace

Just in case there are any irony-challenged individuals reading, the above is a parody of the tin-foil hat brigade’s response to Ebola, and not a reflection of my own views.

12 September 2014
by Mark

September 2014. Boris Johnson selected as Conservative candidate for Uxbridge in 2015 general election.

September 2014. Scotland votes for independence.

May 2015. UK general election returns a Labour majority. Ed Miliband takes up residence in Number 10. David Cameron resigns as Conservative leader.

July 2015. Conservative party elects Boris Johnson as new leader.

March 2016. Scottish independence day. All Scottish MPs cease to be MPs.

April 2016. Labour government, now a minority administration due to the loss of Scottish MPs, loses confidence vote. Ed Miliband resigns as Prime Minister and calls general election.

May 2016. UK (minus Scotland) general election returns a Conservative majority. Boris Johnson takes up residence in number 10. Ed Miliband resigns as Labour leader.

September 2016. Everyone wakes up from a bad dream.

Or do they?

4 November 2013
by Mark

I decided it was about time my blog had a responsive design. So I’ve grabbed a nice-looking free responsive template, which I’ll tweak a bit over the next few days.