Website refresh

I thought it was about time I updated the website. I’ve moved it to a new, more reliable server (hopefully, no more of it regularly disappearing off the Internet every week!), put it behind CloudFlare to improve performance, and, finally, changed the design. It’s still running on WordPress, and eagle-eyed readers will spot that it’s now based on the default ‘twentyseventeen’ theme, but I’ve tweaked it a bit to look more the way I want it to.

All I need to do now is actually write stuff more often!

Brief website update

It’s been ages since I last blogged anything, so this is merely a self-serving post to remind the world that I’m still alive and point out that I’ve updated a couple of my websites.

To begin with, now that I no longer have any need for a website advertising freelance work, I’ve redesigned to be more of a personal site of various things that I want to experiment with. The latest addition is a sunrise/sunset calendar that will tell you what time the sun rises and sets at any location defined either by a UK postcode, a UK placename or by clicking on an interactive map of the world.

Also, having finally got round to getting the domain working again (it has fallen into disrepair after all those of us who originally used it had left PSINet and most of the DNS got deleted), I’ve also retrieved a lot of stuff from and reinstated the pointless waffle at