Photo gallery back online

I’ve finally got round to putting the photo gallery back online. Not everything that was there before is there now – I’ve still got quite a lot of photos to upload – but it is, at least, working now.

Having said that, I’ve put it in a different location to where it was previously. I’ve decided to give it its own subdomain, instead of trying to integrate it with the blog, so any pre-existing links will be broken. I’ll try to sort out the ones in the blog itself, but I obviously can’t do anything about any links from external sites.

And, just in case I have another server failure, I have now set it up to backup the gallery and blog properly!

Server oops

My server died earlier this week, rather inconveniently while I was away. I’ve had to rebuild everything from backups, but, for some reason, I hadn’t taken a backup of this particular site! So I’ve taken the opportunity to reinstall WordPress from scratch, with a new theme.

This also means that the photo gallery is missing – I’ll have to reinstall that from scratch as well, and then recreate the galleries from my own local copies. That’s a bit more of a long-term job, though, so for the moment that link is dead.