New Year Irresolution

Well, it’s already the 2nd of January, so I’m a day late for any New Year resolutions before I even started. But hey, who cares? I don’t really have any resolutions as such, anyway – I don’t need the excuse of a new year to make decisions that need making, and I don’t have the discipline to stick to decisions made just for the sake of it.

What I am going to do, though, is make an effort to update my blog more often. After all, what’s the point of having both a blog and a set of opinionated opinions if the two never combine? So, my aim is to add at least one new post each week. Not including this one. So that gives me a day to do this week’s post. Hmm.

Photo gallery back online

I’ve finally got round to putting the photo gallery back online. Not everything that was there before is there now – I’ve still got quite a lot of photos to upload – but it is, at least, working now.

Having said that, I’ve put it in a different location to where it was previously. I’ve decided to give it its own subdomain, instead of trying to integrate it with the blog, so any pre-existing links will be broken. I’ll try to sort out the ones in the blog itself, but I obviously can’t do anything about any links from external sites.

And, just in case I have another server failure, I have now set it up to backup the gallery and blog properly!