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Meanwhile, in another reality…


September 2014. Boris Johnson selected as Conservative candidate for Uxbridge in 2015 general election.

September 2014. Scotland votes for independence.

May 2015. UK general election returns a Labour majority. Ed Miliband takes up residence in Number 10. David Cameron resigns as Conservative leader.

July 2015. Conservative party elects Boris Johnson as new leader.

March 2016. Scottish independence day. All Scottish MPs cease to be MPs.

April 2016. Labour government, now a minority administration due to the loss of Scottish MPs, loses confidence vote. Ed Miliband resigns as Prime Minister and calls general election.

May 2016. UK (minus Scotland) general election returns a Conservative majority. Boris Johnson takes up residence in number 10. Ed Miliband resigns as Labour leader.

September 2016. Everyone wakes up from a bad dream.

Or do they?