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Evesham voluntary sector – a plea for help


I’m trying to compile a comprehensive list of all the voluntary, charitable and civic groups that are based in, or work in, Evesham. I’ve already got a basic list, so I’m not starting completely from scratch, but I suspect that it’s missing several that it ought to include!

So, if you’re involved in a voluntary group, a club, a charity or some other form of local organisation in Evesham, please could you let me know about it – either by commenting on this blog post, or by email (see the ‘about’ page for contact details). What I need to know is the name of the organisation, and contact details for whoever currently runs it (secretary, chairman, president or whatever).

Just to clarify a bit, by “in Evesham” I mean anything which falls into these categories:

  • Groups, charities and societies specific to Evesham itself, such as the Civic Society, Historical Society and Caring Hands in the Vale.
  • Local branches of national or regional organisations, such as the Scouts, Shopmobility and the Red Cross.
  • Groups based outside Evesham but which draw a significant part of their membership from Evesham, such as the Sea Cadets in South Littleton.

Over to you, folks!