Evesham voluntary sector – a plea for help

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I’m trying to compile a comprehensive list of all the voluntary, charitable and civic groups that are based in, or work in, Evesham. I’ve already got a basic list, so I’m not starting completely from scratch, but I suspect that it’s missing several that it ought to include!

So, if you’re involved in a voluntary group, a club, a charity or some other form of local organisation in Evesham, please could you let me know about it – either by commenting on this blog post, or by email (see the ‘about’ page for contact details). What I need to know is the name of the organisation, and contact details for whoever currently runs it (secretary, chairman, president or whatever).

Just to clarify a bit, by “in Evesham” I mean anything which falls into these categories:

  • Groups, charities and societies specific to Evesham itself, such as the Civic Society, Historical Society and Caring Hands in the Vale.
  • Local branches of national or regional organisations, such as the Scouts, Shopmobility and the Red Cross.
  • Groups based outside Evesham but which draw a significant part of their membership from Evesham, such as the Sea Cadets in South Littleton.

Over to you, folks!

  • Hi there Mark. I run the Evesham Spanish Speakers Group. More information here: http://www.meetup.com/Evesham-Spanish-Speakers-Group/ why are you collecting this information? We could really do with help advertising the group so if you could spread the word about our existence it would be hugely appreciated! Thanks a lot.

  • Helen Gray

    Hi Mark, I hope you have Evesham Volunteer Centre on your list! As well as offering direct services to the folk of the Vale (community car scheme, older peoples’ initiatives) we find volunteers for other organisations, promote good practice and identify gaps in communities where voluntary action would be of assistance. Please get in touch if you need more information!

    Helen Gray, [email protected]