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Rural constituency seeks new MP. Please apply within.


Peter Luff, MP for Mid Worcestershire, has announced that he will be calling it a day at the next election. Peter has represented the constituency for twenty years, far longer than I’ve been involved in politics in the local area, and I know that a lot of local residents are going to be extremely sorry to see him go. But what this means is that, for the first time in a generation, the Mid Worcestershire Conservative Association (MWCA) needs to select a new candidate for the next election.

There’s no hurry to do that, and I’m sure my colleagues on the MWCA executive committee will make the necessary arrangements for the selection process in due course. But, if it was my role to do the recruiting, here’s how I’d word the job advert…

Vacancy: Conservative Candidate for Mid Worcestershire

Following the incumbent’s decision not to seek re-election, we now require a new candidate to serve as MP for Mid Worcestershire. Applicants are expected to fully understand the role they aim to fill, so we won’t waste time describing it here. Instead, here are the key attributes we expect to see in the successful candidate.

Mid Worcestershire is a primarily rural constituency anchored by the market towns of Evesham and Droitwich Spa. Whether or not you have any links with the constituency prior to making your application, you will be fully at home in this environment and be thoroughly acquainted with the issues faced by residents and businesses in the area.

Ideally, you will have several years experience either in a senior management role in the private sector, as a business owner or as a highly skilled professional or technical/engineering sector worker. The precise nature of your previous work is not that important, what is important is that you are demonstrably very good at it and that you have honed your skills working in a non-political and non-governmental environment. Prior experience as any kind of “celebrity” will be a distinct disadvantage, as will spending significant amounts of your career working for a political organisation.

Having said that, you will be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to politics at grassroots level, including active membership of your local party branch prior to making this application. Prior experience as an elected representative is not necessary, but may be useful provided you can also meet the previous requirement. Previous experience as an active member of any charitable or campaigning organisation, on a voluntary level, will also be a strong advantage.

Your educational achievements are considerably less important than your recent career and voluntary history. However, qualifications in academically “hard” subjects, such as the sciences, economics, engineering, technology, medicine, classics, music, languages and history would be beneficial to your application. By contrast, qualifications in “soft” subjects, such as media studies, business administration and sociology will need to be offset by relevant experience obtained in a more rigorous work environment.

Irrespective of your career or educational background, you will be able to demonstrate an above-average understanding of a wide range of matters including, but not limited to:

  • Technology, including the Internet, broadcasting and telecommunications
  • Economics, including personal and corporate finance
  • Media, both in traditional and newer forms
  • Law, both civil and criminal (although, at least for the latter, not necessarily from personal experience)

You will be highly literate and well-read. Communication skills will be one of your strong points, and you will be fully conversant with the use of social media and other online communication platforms.

You will be fully committed to the principles of openness and transparency, both in your personal life and in politics and government.

You will be self-motivated and able to work under pressure, while still maintaining a calm and unflustered attitude. You will be an excellent team player who appreciates the benefits of working with a wide variety of colleagues.

You will be comfortable working in the public eye, but will not seek to attract unnecessary attention to yourself. You will be committed to acting with honour and integrity in all that you do. Above all, you accept that, should you be elected, your life will be dedicated to serving your country, your constituency and your party (in that order) for as long as you remain the Member of Parliament for Mid Worcestershire.

CVs by email only in the first instance. Please include full contact details. No agencies.