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e-Petition: Implement the Hargreaves Review proposals in full

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Since I’ve previously expressed my support for the proposals made by Professor Hargreaves in his review of intellectual property, I thought I’d take advantage of the government’s new e-petition system to create a petition in support of it. As it turns out, it may not be entirely necessary as, in the intervening period between me submitting the petition and it being published, the government announced that they are minded to adopt the proposals anyway. But, since the petition is now out there, it might as well run. And it’s probably still worth signing it if you are in favour of copyright reform, as you can be sure that there will be some very strong voices raised against it. It will make it easier for the government, and the Business Secretary in particular, to stand their ground if it can be shown that the public back change. So please take a moment to add your signature. The petition is here: