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30 Days of Music: 27 – A song I wish I could play


After yesterday’s songs that I can play on the keyboards, it doesn’t take much observation to guess that today’s song is going to feature an instrument that I can’t play. Or, at least, can’t play very well. I can manage about three and a half chords on the guitar, which, while it may be more than adequate for the truth, isn’t enough for most of the guitar-based music that I like listening to.

In particular, I’d love to be able to play this song. I’d love to be able to sing this song. Although it’s a classic stadium-rock anthem with some great guitar chops, the lyrics carry a darker side about love lost, ambition failed and nostalgia for a time that’s better seen through the eyes of hindsight than it probably was when it happened. While it doesn’t have the same heartbreaking intensity as the song I chose for day 4, there’s still a bittersweet taste here which means this isn’t an undiluted celebration song. And it’s all the better for it.

Bryan Adams – Summer of 69