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Would you date this girl?

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Facebook Girl

I'm a Facebook Girl

One of the adverts that I get every now and then on Facebook is for a dating agency. Now, as a happily married man, that’s of no interest to me, but I can’t help noticing some of the photos that illustrate the ad. And one of them that crops up regularly is this one.

I don’t wish to be cruel (well, not too cruel), but can anyone honestly say that they’d date someone with a face like that? For a start, she looks deformed – the eyes don’t line up. I’m reasonably sure that that’s just an artifact of her hairstyle and the pose, but it’s still rather disconcerting to say the least. But her whole facial expression is that of someone who’s just been sucking on a lemon. You’d have to be pretty desperate, I think, to find that photo attractive. So what on earth posessed someone to think it would be a good illustration for a dating agency ad?