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Photo gallery


I’ve installed Gallery2 on the server so that I’ve got somewhere to put all my interesting photos 🙂 I’ve linked it to the blog by means of some custom customisation, rather than using the WPG2 plugin – I found that the plugin wasn’t really working very well, and I don’t need the link it provides between the user databases as I’m the only user of both the blog and the gallery.

Instead, I’ve just customised the G2 theme to be essentially the same as the blog theme, and fiddled around with the Apache config to handle the URL rewrites rather than using .htaccess files. This has the advantage of being more flexible, but the disadvantage is that I’ll need to change both sections if/when I ever update the blog theme. Also, WordPress doesn’t seem to have an option for not using .htaccess – if I delete it, it tries to put it back, with disastrous results. So I have to have a dummy .htaccess in there that looks as though it’s doing something but isn’t. I suspect that things may break if I ever change anything on the G2 config as well, but that’s another issue.