Where were the cats this morning?

Sproingy asleep on the windowsill

Continuing an irregular blog theme, when I got out of bed this morning I found cats in the following places:

Cat 2 (Sproingy) was asleep on the windowsill in the bedroom, looking rather cramped alongside Emma’s hair-straightening thingy.

Cat3 (Scampy) and her kittens were in their box in the spare room.

Cat 1 (Slinky) was on the office chair in my study.


While the Friday Fun website is offline for redevelopment, I’ve moved most of the jokes it contained to a new home at www.triffle.org. It seemed a bit pointless to have a huge database of stuff just sitting around doing nothing, so I’ve thrown together a cheap and cheeerful website using a freeware CSS template and some re-used code from Friday Fun to display them.


The number of small furry animals in my household doubled on 10th July 2007, as cat 3 gave birth to cats 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. You can see the inevitable photos in the photo gallery.