Where were the cats this morning?

Cat in the sunAs I left for work, cats 1 and 2 were sprawled on the floor near the bathroom door,where the sun shines through the window. One of them woke up when I went to fetch the camera, but the other was still there and I got this snap of it.Cat on the table

Cat 3 was outside when I left the house, and jumped up onto the garden table in the hope of getting a fuss before I got into the car. I took a photo of that one as well.

I’m NOT A fashion victim

I'm NOT A fashion victimThere’s been a lot of media coverage lately of Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m not a plastic bag” bag. It seems that some people will pay over £100 for one of these on eBay.

All this seems like another way of ripping off fashion victims – the type of people who will pay over the odds just for the right name on the label. So I’ve created a t-shirt design for anyone who feels that they want to proclaim the fact that a designer bag isn’t what turns them on. You can buy a copy through my Spreadshirt shop.

While this is obviously just my cynical attempt to cash in on the latest craze, it would be rather fun to see these out on the streets.

Sporting grounds quiz

This post contains images for a quiz at SABRE. If you’re not a member, then it’s probably rather meaningless to you. If you are a member, then please follow the instructions in the quiz for answering – don’t post answers here!

All thumbnails link to a larger version. The clues vary from simple to somewhat cryptic.

1 sport01.jpg
This should be really easy!

2 sport02.jpg
So should this.

3 sport03.jpg
If you’ve got number 1 right, then you’re very close to this (not geographically).

4 sport04.jpg
The image is the clue – there’s only one place with this layout.

5 sport05.jpg
Students of the game are more likely to get this one.

6 sport06.jpg
An unusual example of an English football club which doesn’t have a town or city name in the club name.

7 sport07.jpg
Maybe this should be renamed “Congress House”?

8 sport08.jpg
You haven’t worked out what this is yet? You cannot be serious!

9 sport09.jpg
Shares its name with a football ground (that isn’t in the quiz)

10 sport10.jpg
The white object at the top of the picture is round. This isn’t.

11 sport11.jpg
One of two grounds with this name.

12 sport12.jpg
Does this small club have a split personality?

13 sport13.jpg
It would be a real drag to not spot this.

14 sport14.jpg
Not going to the dogs, but close.

15 sport15.jpg
They compete for gold, here.

16 sport16.jpg
But this offers a grand day out!

17 sport17.jpg
There’s a clue on the roof, although you might need to turn your monitor upside down to read it!

18 sport18.jpg
It’s obviously a football ground, right? Well, er, no.

19 sport19.jpg
The largest of its kind in the UK, designed to break records.

20 sport20.jpg
There’s a link between the name of this stadium and the tenants of number 18.