Mess! Oh, yes!

Someone recently drew my attention to this blog post, referring to this NY Times article on the delights of a messy desk and “closet” (which is USian for wardrobe). Messy people are more creative, have more agile minds, and earn higher salaries than their tidy-minded friends and colleagues. With the exception of a higher salary (maybe if my day job wasn’t for a charity!), I entirely agree with everything it says. “Mess has resonance”, says the NYT article, which is a great way of putting it. Just so long as it only resonates – it’s when it starts to hum that it becomes a problem.

Tip that reindeer!

Another Christmas-themed website of the day today. Reindeer Tipping is a neat little Flash game where you have to, er, tip reindeer. That’s “tip” as in tip them over (like cow-tipping), not as in giving them extra money at the end of the meal for good service. See how many you can tip.

Know your movies?

Another belated website of the day posting (I had a network problem yesterday which stopped me making the article live at the same time as it was going out on air), but better late than never. If you want a few minutes of fun and you like films, then Viking – the stationery people – have created a quiz consisting of movie posters made up of stationery. It’s more find than it sounds – some of them are realyl very creative. Test your knowledge at

An afternoon at the panto…

AladdinOne of the benefits of working for a radio station is that we get nice freebies every now and then. Yesterday, we all took the afternoon off work and wandered round to the theatre where we had free tickets to Aladdin. And not just tickets to the show, but a VIP room beforehand and during the interval with free drinks and food. And what made it feel really special was being able to just walk through to the auditorium without needing to show tickets or passes because, in the words of one staff member, “we know who you are – you don’t need a ticket”.

I’ve never been to a pantomime before, not even as a kid, so I didn’t really know what to expect from the performance, but it was certainly enjoyable. I’m actually looking forward to taking my daughter to a show when she’s old enough.

Last minute Christmas shopping?

This was yesterday’s website of the day, but I forgot to press the “save” button before closing the browser.
Anyway, if you want some inspiration for a last-minute present, particularly for the geek in your life, then check out Pointless But Cool. It’s full of stuff that’s pointless, but, er cool. It’s great!