What they didn’t do…

Today’s website is an amusing piece of trivia. Notstarring.com is a site which lists all the roles that movie stars didn’t get, as opposed to the usual trivia telling us what roles they featured in. Did you know that Sean Connery turned down roles in The Matrix and Lord of the Rings?

Looking at the past

Something a bit cultural for today’s website! PastScape is a site run by English Heritage and contains an online database of the National Monuments Record. if you’re into historical architecture, archaeology and that kind of stuff, it’s really cool.

A word in your shell-like

Today’s website is a resource for wordsmiths everywhere. The Phrase Finder lists the meanings and origins of over 1,200 English sayings, phrases and idioms and includes a discussion board where you can talk about, er, phrases.

Cook it!

This is actually yesterday’s website of the day, as I was too busy to blog it last night! Anyway, this is a site for anyone who wants to rustle up a simple meal with limited ingredients, but isn’t sure what to make. Cooking by Numbers gives you a simple checklist o what might be in your fridge or cupboard, and then suggests recipes based on what you tell it.

Picture this

Today’s website of the day is one which is great idea, but unfortunately could have been much better executed. Images of England aims to be a photographic record of every listed building in the country – I even found two buildings that I’ve previously lived in!

As a photographic resource it’s excellent, but it’s let down by an unnecessarily convoluted registration procedure and a rather kludgy search interface. It’s still worth checking out, though.