A challenge

Today’s website of the day is a puzzle. I’m not going to tell you any more about it, except that it’s very, very difficult, and you’ll find it at http://n.nfshost.com. Go on, try it. I’ll give clues,if requested, in futher comments on this post.

Watching the weather

Given that today has been both the hottest day of the year so far and the hottest July day since 1911, today’s website has got to be a weather site! Weather Watch (at www.weather-watch.com) is a bit of a mixed bag, but one of the nice things about it is a list of amateur weather stations all around the world with links to their own websites. I found one just down the road from where I live – the weather there is “hot”!

Yo! er… Yo!

This was yesterday’s website of the day, my excuse for not getting it on the site is that the web server had a disk failure yesterday morning and needed to be rebuilt. Anyway, today’s (or, rather, yesterday’s) website of the day is the YoYo Museum, online at www.yoyomuseum.com. Can you walk the dog with yours?

Snake Oil

I was asked by a colleague to help them extract some text from a page that had been “protected” by a form of HTML encryption – the type of thing where the page is encoded by javascript and only displays if you’ve got scripting enabled.

Of course, getting the text out was trivial. There are several methods, but probably the simplest is to use Firefox to save the page to disk – when you do that, Firefox saves the decrypted text along with the script and you can then just copy and paste. But that doesn’t stop people selling HTML encryption systems, and making inflated claims for its efficacy.

So, as a quick test, I Googled for html encryption and picked the first snake oil salesman on the list where I could find a demo of their product at their site. Then I grabbed a copy, decrypted it and put it on one of my own sites. You can see the plain text version here, just to demonstrate how easy it is. It took me about five minutes. And they want to charge you $39.95 or $69.95 (for the “professional” version) to buy their snake oil. Anyone who falls for this is about as stupid as it gets.

First donations, and a first target.

Well, I’ve had my first income from Please Give Me One. I’m not going to reveal how much, and how many donations, just yet – I want to wait and see if I can spot some trends before doing that. But I’ve also now got a first target for the money – my wife’s car failed the MOT this morning with some rather serious problems, and it’s going to cost much wonga to fix it. Ouch. Double ouch, given that she stops work at the end of the month and starts maternity leave, leaving her with a much reduced income. So my first target is to raise enough to cover the cost of getting it back on the road.

Category change, and update

I’ve created a new category for articles related to Please Give Me One. I did originally think of setting up a blog page on teh site itself, but decided that it’s a bit pointless installing another copy of WordPress just for that. So any updates will go here, and I’ll link them from the site.

Chuck another sausage on the barby..

It’s definitely barbecue weather, at least where I live. So, with the weekend coming up, today’s website of the day is The British Barbecue Pit, at www.britishbarbecue.co.uk. All you ever needed to know about barbecueing, including hints and tips on getting the thing to light, instructions for building your own barbecue it and loads of recipes. It’s making me hungry just to look at it…