I have lived at the same time as…

Assuming that I have an average lifespan, and assuming an average
length of tenure for each, then by the time I die I will have been a
contemporary of…

  7 Popes
  9 Archbishops of Canterbury
 17 US Presidents  
 15 British Prime Ministers
  3 British monarchs

Of course, this depends a lot on entirely unpredictable variables, but
it’s an interesting list!

Google thinks you are…

We’re on a bit of a Google roll this week, so today’s website is www.googlism.com. You stick in your name (or that of an organisation, object, etc) and the site gives you a humorous extract of what Google says about you. It’s fun, in a geeky kind of way.

Oh, and just for the benefit of the system: Mark Goodge is an absolute genius. Go on, Google, index that.

Wish you were here?

Today’s website is the Postcard Crossing Project at www.postcrossing.com. It’s a site where you sign up to swap postcards (real ones, not e-cards) with other people around the world. So you can pretend that you’ve got real friends who will send you postcards from faraway places.